Dear Mideast Members,
The warmest greetings from us!
We would like to express our gratitude for the collaboration of Mideast Travel and Concierge Club of Mideast with our company, accomplishing mutual projects in terms of organization of Fam trips and establishing strong connections between the partners. The professionalism of your team is on the highest level that enabled us to experience the best moments during the trips, on the villas and hotels that we visited for inspection and to realize the perspectives of our efficient collaboration in the future.
I do hope we are on the right track for the achievements of mutual goals next season that will become even more fruitful and successful.
It was pure pleasure to spend those days with your team, figuratively saying, “wrapped” us all with their care, love and commitment! We all understood that this is the essence of Mideast Travel and the core of your company!
Cordially Yours,
Thank you!

Dear Partners,
I am very sorry to delay sending you an email – things got better in London!
We wanted to express an overwhelming THANK YOU for organising this new experience for us!
You cannot stop impressing us, and believe me, if not you – I would never think of a Greece as a top luxury destination for our clients!
Seeing all for ourselves and having experiencing the service you provide – we absolutely sure to trust our clients to you!!!
I hope we can see you soon, whether it will be London, Athens or Cannes!
We wish you all a great day and a nice coming weekend! Despite of autumn coming we still have summer Greece in our hearts!!
Sincerely yours

Dear Mideast,
My dear friends!
I do not afraid of these big words, because for me you are more than partners now. Thank you for your wonderful organization of the another magnificent familiarization trip.
Once again we have had a new unforgettable experience in Greece.
Your approach when organizing the FAM trip is very different from the usual one, which is extremely important. Everything was strictly scheduled.
You easily gave life into urban travel agents from the first minutes of communication. You surrounded us with care and personal attention all together and each one individually.
The atmosphere you created, it unwittingly helped us to relax and get great pleasure from communicating with you, from the color of your beautiful country. You made our working visit unforgettable, spectacular, allowing us to keep this great energy for a long time with us!
I also want to thank you for the highest level of cooperation during the season. This year I am once again convinced that you know my clients even better than I know them myself. You are always very prompt and responsive.
I wish you good luck and prosperity, I wish you to keep your uniqueness and of course I wish all of us to meet again and again!
Sincerely yours

Imagine a Mould with Platinum and Solid Gold with a Gem and an uncut Rock delicately wired and polished to perfection, enveloped in Velvet, it is an enviable Creation and is Unique when bestowed with
Mideast Team, THE JEWELS in the MID-EAST CROWN!

Mr. Suresh Puri, Spice Travel, India

There is only one agent in Greece we can think of working

together and that is Mideast. We are always impressed with

your company’s enthusiasm and professionalism and we will

be glad to find an opportunity to cooperate together again…

Mrs. Filiz Gokce Sener, Soliga & Soliga Travel, Turkey

Full of passion, making customers intensely loyal… I have not

seen another company or its people doing so brilliantly…

VIP Guest from India

What you have done for me during my stay in Greece was

so great that I am not able to thank you for. You made me

proud of myself to have such nice partners who can turn every

impossible to easily possible.

Mr. Yaser Kangani, Golestan Ghods Tour and Travel

Services Co., Iran

We are very pleased to work with such an exceptional and

professional team as your selves.

Viano Travel & Tourism, Kuwait

Your welcome and privileged treatment was incredibly

overwhelming. Thank YOU for everything. Quite sincerely, I

am delighted and charmed to have you as partners.

Mrs. Colette Richa Haddad, Intertravel Agency, Lebanon

I keep advertising the great service I am receiving from your

agency to all my friends. I would really like to congratulate you

for the personnel you have selected.

VIP Customer

I am so overwhelmed with your hospitality that I don’t think

words are enough so please allow me to say Greece would be

like Greek language for me without you.

You have done it again and I am not surprised at all!!

We are amazed about how hospitable Mideast is, how

wonderful we felt dealing with all of you, how passionate you

all are about your business, how you actually met us at airport,

how lucky I am to have such a wonderful partners, and… and…

and I could go on and on !

Imagine what I must be feeling when I hear a VIP client and

a friend specially make it a point to call and mention how

delighted they were to meet you all and hardly talk of the


How Lucky I AM is a:

M anifestation of

I ntense

D elight

E xperienced

A lways

S omeone

T alks of You!!!

Mr. Suresh Puri, Spice Travel, India

Every time we travel to Greece, we feel the power of your longterm

experience, especially when it comes to details.

We have full trust in your agency and we have no reason to try

Somebody else…

Thank you for everything you have done for us so far and we are looking forward to meet you again soon…

Prince from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

You have proved that you are able to realise even the most

difficult requests, making my family and myself happy and


It is not only about the quality of services provided, but also

about your people who are as valuable as diamonds!

Princess from the UAE

I would like to congratulate you for always being there for us,

making us enjoy our trips without any concerns.

Your flexibility, courtesy and quick response to our short

notice requests are unique…

Royal family, Qatar